3rd Interprofessional.Global Partnership Symposium, 2-5 November 2023 – Doha, Qatar

Interprofessional.Global will hold its 3rd Partnership Symposium on 2-5 November 2023, hosted by Qatar University in Doha, Qatar.

Interprofessional.Global is a consensus-based partnership. Working interprofessionally in partnership reflects the unity we see in working with, for, and between service providers and service users. Partnership is one important way to demonstrate to the world the unity of a bio-psycho-social-spiritual approach to health and social care.

The purpose of this strategic symposium is to ensure that partners from around the world are empowered and refreshed by sharing knowledge, experience, and approaches with one another; listening to and learning from one another; and supporting and caring for one another’s personal needs, as well as for the work of interprofessional education and collaborative practice.

Partnership is more than coordination and planning. The heart of partnership is strong and effective relationships demonstrated in action. Developing such relationships requires time and intentional effort. Effective partners are especially sensitive towards those from cultures and backgrounds other than their own.

Therefore, it is important for the regional partners of Interprofessional.Global to meet regularly, strengthening relationship, building trust, setting priorities and plan how to collaborate to achieve better health for all through interprofessional education, practice, and research.

Regional Networks and Working Groups will be making presentations to begin the symposium. These presentations at the symposium, as well as the attendees collective expertise, is crucial to assist setting global priorities for interprofessional education and collaborative practice (IPECP) for the next 2 years. We hope institutions and IPECP Networks will benefit immensely from the partnership efforts that will be discussed at the symposium.

The following regions will be present at the symposium:

  • AfrIPEN: African Interprofessional Education Network
  • AIHC: American Interprofessional Health Collaborative
  • ANIC: Arab Network for Interprofessional Collaboration
  • APIPEC: Asia Pacific Interprofessional Education and Collaboration Network
  • AIPPEN: Australasian Interprofessional Practice and Education network
  • CIHC: Canadian Interprofessional Health Collaborative
  • CAIPE: Centre for the Advancement of Interprofessional Education (UK)
  • IndIPEN: Indian Interprofessional Education Network
  • IPINN: Interprofessional & International Dutch-speaking Network
  • IP-Health: Society for Interprofessionalism in Healthcare (German-speaking countries)

Unfortunately, NIPNET and REIP were not able to send delegates to the symposium.

Agenda for Doha Partnership Meeting

Partnership meeting booklet (updated 31Oct 2023)