Diarise annual partnership meeting of Interprofessional.Global: 20-23 October 2020 (Doha, Qatar)

Interprofessional.Global is a consensus-based partnership. Working interprofessionally in partnership reflects the unity we see in working with, for, and between service providers and service users. Partnership is one important way to demonstrate to the world the unity of a bio-psycho-social-spiritual approach to health and social care.

The Interprofessional.Global Facilitation Working Group’s main purpose is the ensure that partners are empowered and refreshed by sharing knowledge, experience, and approaches with one another; listening to and learning from one another; and supporting and caring for one another’s personal needs, as well as for the work.

Partnership is more than coordination and planning. The heart of partnership is strong and effective relationships demonstrated in action. Developing such relationships requires time and intentional effort. Effective partners are especially sensitive towards those from cultures and backgrounds other than their own.

That is why it is so important for all the partners of Interprofessional.Global to meet regularly, strengthening relationship, building trust, setting priorities and plan to collaborate to achieve better health for all through interprofessional education, practice and research.

We are planning a 3½-day partnership meeting in Qatar from 20 to 23 October 2020, just prior to the All Together Better Health Conference. We encourage representatives from all established and emerging IPECP networks from around the globe, special interest groups and working group collaborators, to join us for this very important meeting.

It is pivotal that participants attend the whole meeting, as we will follow a proven partnership development process. The proposed draft agenda for the meeting is at the bottom of the screen.

Take action:

  • Click here to read more about our partnership principles.
  • If you are not a partner yet, click here to sign up. All partners will be informed once we have more information about the cost and venue.

Proposed draft agenda for our partnership meeting in Qatar

Session 1: General welcome
Session 2: Welcome new organisations and people present for the first time

Brief review of partnership progress to date

Restate purpose of meeting

Participant introductions

Review agenda and introduce the facilitation team

Session 3: Brief overview of IPECP, including changes since the last meeting
Session 4: Sharing by organisations of current and planned IPECP activities
Session 5: Review of decisions made at last partnership meeting

Report on progress which has been made on projects and objectives set

Session 6: Discussion of breakthroughs and factors contributing to this progress

Discussion of problems and challenges and the factors contributing to these

Session 7: Identification of new priorities for action and creation of new working groups
Session 8: Existing and new working groups meet to identify next steps and a timetable for action
Session 9: Reports from Working Groups

Review progress and report next steps

Session 11: Reflection and celebration
We will allow for long breaks for networking, interaction, and relationship building. Times for reflection will be built in throughout the programme.



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