Asia Pacific Interprofessional Education and Collaboration Network

The APIPEC Network aims to connect IPE/IPC champions in the Asia-Pacific region and promote interprofessional value in healthcare and health professions education practices.

Long term goal (in 5 years):

APIPEC Network will become an established IPE/ IPC regional network under IP.G.

Short term goal (in 2-3 years):

Spearhead biennial meetings to harmonize activities among local IPE/IPC networks to: 

    • Foster exchanges within formal IPE/IPC programs within the region (teaching, research)
    • Exploit the power of technology and social media by producing livestreaming content to promote IPE/IPC in education, practice, and research.
    • Facilitate a mentoring mechanism between IPE/ IPC champions and students/practitioners

Contact Persons

Sharra Ati Kurnia Dewi (Indonesia)
Roi Charles Pineda (Philippines)
Reeva Ann Sumulong (Philippines)

Interprofessional.Global Representatives

Michael Palapal Sy (Occupational Therapist)
APIPEC Representative / University of the Philippines Manila

Michael, an occupational therapist by profession, currently works as an Associate Professor for health professions education at the National Teacher Training Center for the Health Professions, University of the Philippines Manila. He served as the co-chair for the 2nd Joint International Conference organized by Asia Pacific Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice Network and Philippine Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice Network held in the Philippines last January 2020. Apart from leading the graduate courses on IPE/C in his university and publishing IPE/C-related research, he also serves as an associate editor for the Journal of Interprofessional Care. He has the following responsibilities in Interprofessional.Global:
  • A representative for the Asia-Pacific regional group
  • Helps out in the Global Cafe roll-out

Biennial Report