Bulletin Des Médecins Suisses Posts Overview of Interprofessional Collaboration in Canadian Healthcare in French

Interprofessional.Global and Canadian Interpofessional Health Collaborative (CIHC) members Dr. Marie-Andrée Girard and Dr. John H. V. Gilbert wrote a French language “An Overview of Interprofessional Collaboration in Canadian Healthcare“.

Interprofessional education for collaborative person-centered practice and care (IPECP) exists in complex environments in which healthcare and social care professionals and other stakeholders work to ensure safe, high-quality care. This paper discusses three major reasons for this complexity, the current status of IPE in Canada, the goals that CIHC is working towards, and some reasons why the Canadian model is internationally known.

Link to article: https://bullmed.ch/article/doi/bms.2022.20437