Call for Abstracts Open Until February 28th – Towards Unity for Health (TUFH) Conference, August 2022 – Vancouver, BC, Canada 🗓

The TUFH 2022 conference, which will be held in person in the beautiful Canadian city of Vancouver, presents a great opportunity for members of Interprofessional.Global to talk about their work. Interprofessional education is one of the themes of the meeting. There will be attendees from around the world from many health and social care professions, a great audience to spread the word about the continuum of work around IPE – from learning to practice.

View the TUFH 2022 website:

Submit an abstract by February 28th:

TUFH 2022 will be accepting abstracts in International English.

There is a 250-word limit. The conference formats are chosen to encourage active participation by all conference attendees. The conference program will predominantly be based on contributions from the participants.

Since TUFH 2022 will be a physical conference with a virtual component, you will have to choose in your application if you wish to present your abstract in person in Vancouver, Canada, or virtually. Workshops will only be accepted in a physical format, all other abstract types can be presented virtually. Abstracts that will be presented in person will receive priority in the abstract acceptance process.

There are 4 types you can submit an abstract for Oral Presentations, Workshops, TUFH Talks, and TUFH Documentaries.  We strongly recommend attending the TUFH 2022 conference in person, but for those unable to travel, we will provide the opportunity to participate virtually.
You will have to select the sub-theme you are submitting under.

TUFH 2022 is a Conference that brings together an international and intersectoral audience to discuss  “Moving Forward Together: Unity for Health for All” and further explore the four sub-themes of:

  • Building Better Together
  • Harmony for a Healthy World
  • Learning with Indigenous Peoples Towards Advancing Equity & Wellbeing
  • Social Responsibility: Healthcare Conducted Where People and Place Matter
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