Capacity Building Working Group


The Capacity Building working group builds capacity and sustainability for interprofessional education and collaborative practice (IPECP). The group facilitates the development and dissemination of content, resources, and information that amplifies the capacity of stakeholder groups, communities, and networks to learn about and apply interprofessionalism in practice for health and social care sectors through knowledge development, tailored guidance, and advocacy.

The working group is responsible for hosting the Interprofessional.Global Cafés.


The Capacity Building working group brings people together to learn with, from, and about each other for networking, support, and exchange information in close collaboration with regional network representatives. We do this by supporting IPECP with:

  • Knowledge development – harnessing knowledge, skills, and attitudes that build capacity and sustainability to support IPECP.
  • Tailored guidance – leveraging IP.Global expertise that supports network partners in the delivery of key IPECP initiatives.
  • Advocacy – directing towards excellence in IPECP that leads to gold standard interprofessionalism in practice for health and social care sectors.


The Capacity Building Working Group supports the following IP.Global Confederation objectives:

  • To develop a strong confederation to serve the international IPECP movement.
  • To increase awareness of IPECP through effective communication and the visibility of Interprofessional.Global.
  • To provide information on the global status of IPECP.
  • To support interprofessional development for individuals and regional networks, including the biennial All Together Better Health conferences (ATBH).
  • To develop and provide a data repository.