Communication Working Group

The Communication Working Group is the arm of Interprofessional.Global responsible for streamlining communication within and outside the organisation. Particularly, the Communication Working Group is responsible for updating the website regularly, posting news and updates on social media (Twitter), and responding to queries via email. This working group is also pivotal in ensuring that all information from Interprofessional.Global is disseminated to all local and global interprofessional education and collaboration networks in a timely and efficient manner.

If you would like to contribute to this working group, contact the co-facilitators, Anthony Breitbach or Michael Sy.

Meet the team members of the Communication Working Group:

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Please use this form to submit information for the Communication Work Group to provide updates on events and activities to post on the website, share with membership and promote via social media.

Working Group Report

Left to right: Heidi Oberhauser, John Gilbert, Jan-Jaap Reinders, Michael Sy, Stefanus Snyman, and Anthony Breitbach (not present: Richard Pitt)