Evaluation Working Group


When Interprofessional.Global was established 2018 in Auckland (NZ), the organization did not include an evaluation plan. At the IP.Global meeting in Winterthur 2021, it was decided to evaluate the work and activities of Interprofessional.Global. The evaluation working group, which originally includes Elisabeth Anderson, Marion Huber, John Gilbert, Anita Iversen, Iris Borch, Heidi Oberhauser, and Roi Charles Pineda, will follow an iterative process to write an evaluation protocol. The final evaluation protocol will be presented to the board in spring 2022. We understand evaluation as “the systemic collection and analysis of information related to the design, implementation and outcomes of a program, for the purposes of monitoring and improving the quality and effectiveness of the program” (Accreditation Council for Graduates Medical Education, 2020).


  • To identify a theoretical framework to guide the evaluation process
  • To compile existing evaluation matrices
  • To share and decide on methodology
  • To develop an evaluation protocol
  • To submit the evaluation protocol to the partnership development group

Possible objectives further down the line…

  • To monitor ongoing activities of IP.Global

Team Members

Elisabeth Anderson*
Marion Huber*
John Gilbert
Anita Iversen
Iris H. Borch
Heidi Oberhauser
Roi Charles Pineda*