German Medical Association Interprofessional Committee Publishes Position Paper on Interprofessional Education

German Medical Science Journal for Medical Education

Position paper of the GMA Committee Interprofessional Education in the Health Professions – current status and outlook

Sylvia Kaap-Fröhlich, Gert Ulrich, Birgit Wershofen, Jonathan Ahles, Ronja Behrend, Marietta Handgraaf, Doreen Herinek, Anika Mitzkat, Heidi Oberhauser, Theresa Scherer, Andrea Schlicker, Christine Straub, Regina Waury Eichler, Bärbel Wesselborg, Matthias Witti, Marion Huber, Sebastin F. N. Bode

In the wake of local initiatives and developmental funding programs, interprofessionality is now included in national curricula in the German-speaking countries. Based on the 3P model (presage, process, product), this position paper presents the development of interprofessional education in recent years in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and places it in an international context. Core aspects as legal frameworks, including amendments to occupational regulations as well as the formation of networks and faculty development are basic requirements for interprofessional education. New topics and educational settings take shape in the process of interprofessional education: patient perspectives and teaching formats, such as online courses, become more important or are newly established. The influence of the COVID-19 pandemic on interprofessional education is explored as well. Among many new interprofessional courses, particularly the implementation of interprofessional training wards in Germany and Switzerland are positive examples of successful interprofessional education. The objective of interprofessional education continues to be the acquisition of interprofessional competencies. The main focus is now centered on evaluating this educational format and testing for the corresponding competencies. In the future, more capacities will be required for interprofessional continuing education and post-graduate education. Structured research programs are essential to ascertain the effects of interprofessional education in the German-speaking countries.

In this position paper the GMA committee on interprofessional education encourages further advancement of this topic and expresses the aim to continue cooperating with other networks to strengthen and intensify interprofessional education and collaboration in healthcare.


CITATION: Position paper of the GMA Committee Interprofessional Education in the Health Professions – current status and outlook. GMS J Med Educ 2022;39(2):Doc17