IPE network for German-speaking countries (Deutschsprechende Länder)
The formation of the network is scheduled for March 2019 at next meeting of German Association of Medical Education in Vienna. Foundation countries will be Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and Lichtenstein.


Unification of IPE in German-speaking countries through joint teaching and research projects.

Plans for next 2 years

  • Foundation of network in March 2019
  • Election of board of directors
  • Building of national chapters
  • Joint teaching and research projects
Contact Person

Interprofessional.Global Representative

Professor Markus Melloh (Orthopaedic surgeon)
Zurich University of Applied Sciences
Director Institute for Health Sciences

Markus Melloh is Professor of Public Health, Director Institute for Health Sciences, Associate Dean Research & Development at School of Health Professions, Zurich University, Switzerland.

He has the following responsibilities in Interprofessional.Global:

  • Communications working group: Develop communication strategy together with Marion Jones, Alla El-Awaisi, and Sundari Joseph.
  • Academic and Workforce Development Working Group: Develop an awards programme to include best practice, education, and research together with Johanna Dahlberg.
  • Finance & Funding Working Group: Identify potential grant applications for research projects together with Ruby Grymonpre.