Indian Interprofessional Education Network
IndIPEN will provide national leadership in moving all health providers, teams and organizations towards improved interprofessional collaboration in health professions education and healthcare practice.


  • To create awareness and significance about interprofessional education and practice in the Indian context
  • To stimulate networking of interprofessional education and practice across academic institutions, healthcare delivery systems, professional, academic and patient organizations in India
  • To share promising practices in interprofessional education, collaboration and practice within the region
  • To advance interprofessional collaboration across the healthcare system
  • To advance research in all aspects of interprofessional education of person centred collaborative practice

Plans for next 2 years

  • Organise a national survey to collate and document health professions’ faculty perceptions on IPE and IPP
  • To develop and promote strategic partnerships with organizations that can introduce and integrate interprofessional collaboration
  • To develop certificate courses in IPE
  • Develop grant applications
  • Promote academic scholarship in IPE by encouraging faculty to conduct research and publish in the field of IPE
Contact Person
Avinash Supe
Thomas Chacko
Amol Dongre
Nirmala Rege
Himanshu Pandya
Monica Sharma
Anice George
Selvam R
Anand Ramakrishnan
Anand Km
Rajani George
Gagan Bajaj
P Arathi Rao
Abdul Ajeez
Elsa Sanathombi
Nishant Manapure
Ramprasad V
Teddy Andrews
Seena Biju
Mukhya Prana Prabhu
Animesh Jain
Suresh Shetty
Muralidhar K
Uttam Paul

Interprofessional.Global Representative

Professor Ciraj Ali Mohammed MSc PhD MHPE Manipal Academy of Higher Education Professor of Microbiology, MMMC, Manipa Course Director, MAHE FAIMER International Institute for Leadership in IPE Ciraj is a Professor of Microbiology at Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Karnataka State, India. He is also the Course Director of the newly launched fellowship programme that focuses on leadership in interprofessional education organised in collaboration with FAIMER, Philadelphia and CIHC, Canada.He has the following responsibilities in Interprofessional.Global:
  • Lead Facilitator: Academic and Workforce Development
  • Member: Communication working group and Data repository working group

Biennial Report