IP.Global Café – Innovations and Updates from the United Arab Emirates (20 February 2023) 🗓

Interprofessional.Global Café – Innovations and Updates from the United Arab Emirates

Monday 20 February 2023

An Interprofessional Team approach to address the perception of health equity among Health Professions Educators and Students in the United Arab Emirates-Study Protocol

Health Equity is about providing or receiving fair healthcare to all and factors which may cause health disparity could be race, gender, social status, knowledge, reaching to the healthcare facility, distance to access the needs, educational level, institutional and governmental policies in place. Addressing this primary area of health equity among health care educators and students is the foundation to approach to deliver quality health care for all and alleviate healthcare delivery disparity. Using Interprofessional Team Based Learning and Interprofessional Focus Group Discussion on Health Equity will be a novel approach to prepare the future health practitioners about the prevailing health disparity across the globe and emphasize them Collaboration amongst healthcare team members in one of the essential competencies to overcome health disparity. Interprofessional Education is encouraged globally across institutions and international health organizations to improve the quality of healthcare provided to the patient i.e. to improve the patient centered care. Exposing the Undergraduate Health Professions students to this type of innovative learning methods will explore the chances to break the inhibitions and be aware about the possibilities of dealing situations in their practice. It is the expected that at the end of the study the students will be aware about the health disparity exists in the practicing world and being aware of it can reduce the health disparities, moreover healthcare team collaboration is one of the factor to promote health equity.

Dr. Sivapriya Ramakrishnan
Department of Physiotherapy
University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

Framework for Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of Patient-Centered Interprofessional Clinical Training at Gulf Medical University

Interprofessional education (IPE) has been introduced, discussed, and implemented in different health profession education programs. Several studies reported consistent positive impacts of IPE on learner satisfaction, perceptions of knowledge gain, and improvements in attitudes about other professions in prelicensure learners, however few studies demonstrated the effect of IPE outcomes on patients. There is an emerging effort toward the implementation of IPE in Arab countries and the United Arab Emirates Educational Institutes. We need to deeply understand which types of IPE activities promote better interprofessional collaboration among undergraduate students and how these activities should be integrated into clinical training in undergraduate health professional programs. In this webinar, we will share Framework for design, implementation, and evaluation of patient-centered interprofessional clinical training introduced at Gulf Medical University.

Dr. Eman M. El-labbad
Assistant Dean of Assessment and Evaluation
Assistant Professor of Medicinal Chemistry
Pharmaceutical Sciences Department
College of Pharmacy, Gulf Medical University

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