Linkoping University Sponsors Course on Interprofessional Research for Doctoral Students

Interprofessional collaboration is seen as a necessary condition for future health care.

Linkoping University in Sweden is sponsoring a web-based course for doctoral students: Research Perspectives on Interprofessional Education, Learning and Collaboration within Practices of Health Care and Social Services.

The course is designed to allow the students to critically study theory and empirical evidence as a starting point for research in interprofessional collaboration, in education for professionals in healthcare and social care, as well as the professional practice.

The content reflects how policies on different levels interplay, and how interprofessional education and practice are designed and performed in a local context. The course gives an overview how to apply theory and research methods in different national contexts.

Register and get more course information through this COURSE LINK.

For more information contact course coordinator Dr. Johanna Dahlberg: