Arab Network for Interprofessional Collaboration

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Transform health and social care systems, through interprofessional education and collaborative practice (IPECP), for optimizing patient care to improve outcomes and promoting well-being of individuals, communities, and populations in the Arab region.


Our mission is to create a vibrant Arab region network which fosters the culture of IPECP in health and social care settings, through dedicated advocacy, knowledge exchange, and strategic partnerships to foster meaningful collaboration and rise positive impact.


  • Advocacy
  • Capacity Building
  • Collaboration
  • Culture Sensitivity
  • Ethical Practice
  • Inclusivity
  • Interprofessionalism
  • Knowledge Exchange
  • Transformation


ANIC aims to establish itself as a leading network for interprofessional collaboration in the Arab region, driving positive transformation in healthcare delivery, education, research, and policy.

To accomplish this, ANIC seeks to:

  1. Establish a robust organizational framework: Develop a formalized structure for the IPE network in the Arab region which supports the network mission and vision.
  2. Facilitate knowledge exchange: Establish platforms, networks, and forums to exchange best practices, research findings, and innovative approaches in IPECP.
  3. Foster interprofessional research collaborations: Encourage and support collaborative research initiatives, focusing on IPECP.
  4. Empower stakeholders: Build capacity of stakeholders including students, practitioners, and administrators to embrace and embody in IPECP and eliminate the hierarchy in healthcare.
  5. Advocate for policy reforms: Advocate for policies and systems that recognize and support IPECP in health and social care settings.
  6. Foster IPE: Encourage interprofessional teamwork and sensitivity among members of the same profession to optimize their contribution to IPECP.

Organizational Structure


  • Alla El-Awaisi, Qatar University, Qatar


  • Sawsan AlMukdad, Qatar University, Qatar

Executive Committee

  • Mahmood Adil, Ministry of Public Health, Qatar
  • Shireen Suliman, Hamad Medical Cooperation, Qatar
  • Mohammed Almansour, King Saud University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Ali Alqahtani, King Khalid University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Mohammed Alnaami, King Khalid University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Susan Waller, United Arab Emirates University, United Arab Emirates
  • Eman El-Labbad, Gulf Medical University, United Arab Emirates
  • Michèle Kosremelli Asmar, Institut supérieur de santé publique-Université Saint Joseph de Beyrouth, Lebanon
  • Said Al Harthy, Higher Institute of Health Specialties, Oman
  • Maha Habre, Lebanese American University, Lebanon
  • Naser Al Sharif, Lebanese American University, Lebanon
  • Zaid Al Hamdan, Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan
Contact Person

Interprofessional.Global Representative

Dr Alla El-Awaisi
MPharm, MSc, PhD
Qatar University
Director of Clinical Operations and Engagement
Section Chair of Interprofessional Education Program
Vice President for Health and Medical Sciences Office

Dr. Alla El-Awaisi is a distinguished academic and pharmacy professional with a rich and varied background in education, practice, and leadership. She holds a Master of Pharmacy from Strathclyde University and MSc in Prescribing Science, along with a PhD in Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice from the Robert Gordon University in the UK. With over nine years of experience as a practicing pharmacist in Scotland, Dr. Alla transitioned to academia, where she served as the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs at the College of Pharmacy from 2014 to 2022.
Her notable contributions include founding the Interprofessional Education Committee in 2014 and leading the First Middle Eastern Conference in Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice in 2015. Her commitment to advancing health profession education is evident in her coordination of the development and delivery of the Interprofessional Education for Collaborative Practice module in the MSc in Health Professions Education. Dr. Alla’s influence extends internationally, as she actively participates in global initiatives, including her role as the leader of the Arab Network for Interprofessional Collaboration (ANIC) and Co-facilitator of Interprofessional Global Impact.
In addition to her administrative roles, Dr. Alla has a strong research background, focusing on interprofessional education, patient safety, medical and pharmacy education, pharmacy practice, and student leadership. Her dedication and impact on health profession education have been recognized with several awards, including the prestigious “Professional Achievement Award” in the National Study UK Alumni Awards 2019-20 in Qatar.
Currently, Dr. Alla serves as the Director of Clinical Operations and Engagement and Chair of the Interprofessional Education Program at the Vice President Office for Health and Medical Sciences, showcasing her ongoing commitment to advancing health profession education, fostering collaboration, and leaving a lasting impact in the field.