Canadian Interprofessional Health Collaborative

CIHC was:

  • Established in 2006
  • Funded by Health Canada: Contribution Agreement (with University of British Columbia; John Gilbert contract director)
  • Funding terminated 2012

CIHC became not for profit corporation (terms of reference, bylaws, new legislation).

Aspirations for the Next Five Years

The CIHC will be a strong, cohesive voice to amplify and influence a national and global conversation that interprofessional collaborative practices are an essential element of health leadership, workforce strength and resilience, good health outcomes and fiscal accountability.

We will have a robust network of partners, leaders and collaborators, inside and beyond health disciplines, producing evidence and innovative resources that drive change in education, leadership, practice, policy, regulation and legislation.

Priorities, Goals and Actions

  1. Leadership: Integrate capacity for collaboration into health leadership
  2. ​Knowledge: Build evidence and research to build the value of IPE/C
  3. Workforce: Establish IPC as fundamental for workforce strength and resilience
  4. ​Advocacy: Advocate for system change through evidence
Contact Person

Cynthia Andrews
Jim Ballard
Jacinthe Beauchamp
Hope Bilinski
Ivy Bourgeault
Cory Brown
Karen Derry
Donna Drynan
Moni Fricke
John Gilbert
Marie-Claude Girard
Ruby Grymonpre
Leah Hutt
Hossein Khalili

Sharla King
Kathryn Parker
Lynne Sinclair
Marie-Claude Vanier

Interprofessional.Global Representative

Marie-Andrée Girard, MD

After receiving her doctorate in medicine from University of Sherbrooke in 2004, Marie-Andrée Girard chose to do a residency in anesthesiology while obtaining a master’s degree in health law at the Université de Sherbrooke during her residency period. Following sub-specialized training in pediatric anesthesiology in Marseille in 2010, she has a diversified practice ranging from the quaternary university center to practice in remote areas of northern Quebec. Her research interests include the legal framework of interprofessional collaboration and the learning and application of the law by health professionals in the context of their collaborative practice. She is currently completing a doctorate in civil law at University of Montreal.

Biennial Report