Dutch-speaking Network for Interprofessional Collaboration


To facilitate and enhance inclusive collaborative practices in contexts of Dutch-speaking countries, communication should be native. However, social environments also determine the style of social interaction which will vary between Dutch-speaking countries. Comparison of these various cultural expressions can enhance understanding of common ground and contextual differences.

The IPINN is not a substitute for all separate Dutch-speaking IPECP networks and research groups. Its main focus is culture-specific IPECP. IPINN wants to enable exchange of educational, scientific and other resources to facilitate and enhance interprofessional learning and practice in the international Dutch-speaking community.

IPINN represents the six official Dutch-speaking countries in the world: Aruba, Belgium, Curaçao, Netherlands, Saint-Maarten, and Suriname. Most Dutch-speaking countries are situated in the Caribbean.


  • Institutional support of participating IPINN countries.
  • To collect revenue to sustain the IPINN organization.
  • To acquire funds for cross-cultural research and development of IPECP in Dutch-speaking countries.
  • To facilitate student engagement with IPINN activities.


  • Expanding IPINN with a more even representation across all six countries.
  • To double the number of IPINN members.
  • To recruit additional authors from underrepresented Dutch-speaking countries for the next handbook edition [‘From solo to synergy’].

Biennial Report