Our newest member is the special interest group InterprofessionalResearch.Global

Following the ATBH IX Conference in Auckland, the InterprofessionalResearch.Global (previously known as GRIN & In-2-Theory, or GRIN2Theory Network) is resurging with a 2-year Strategic Plan. The InterprofessionalResearch.Global in its new phase aims to provide global leadership in Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Person-Centred Practice (IPECP) Research.

With a mission to ‘Mobilise, Integrate, and Advance Global Interprofessional Knowledge, Theories and Research in IPECP, they are committed to: evidence-informed interprofessional collaboration for global/population health; improving quality and access to care; enhancing cost effectiveness and high value care; achieving patient and community defined outcomes; and excelling joy and meaningfulness at work for service providers.

InterprofessionalResearch.Global’s goals and priorities include:

  • Foster and enhance global interprofessional collaborations in education and practice among and between pre/post licensure students, faculty/educators, service providers, organisations, patients/clients and other knowledge and service users
  • Integrate ‘person-centred and people-first’ practices into IPE and IPCP to advance health and health care
  • Build international capacity for and facilitate theory/value-informed research and evidence-informed policy and practice in IPECP
  • Advance global innovation in IPECP
  • Virtual platform for global integrated knowledge translation relevant to IPECP
  • Stimulate & cultivate students’ theory/value-informed research interests in IPECP

They are in the process of redesigning their online presence, developing a Position Statement, Communication and Sustainability Plans, and conducting a global interprofessional research survey and comprehensive literature review to develop best practice guidelines in IPECP. Thus, the InterprofessionalResearch.Global invites students, educators, researchers, patients/family, service providers, administrative, funders and policy makers to join us in these new developments. To join the network and/or inquire additional information, please contact Dr. Hossein Khalili at hkhali6@uwo.ca

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