Partnership Facilitation working group


This working group will be responsible for organisation and regular running of the secretariat. The group will also coordinate the collaboration between working groups and implementation of strategic plan. The group will be liaise with organising committee of ATBH in planning and organising the conference.


The role of the Facilitation Team will be to:

  1. Encourage effective collaboration between Working Groups
    1. Via monthly Zoom meetings
    2. At least one member of the Facilitation Team will be attending Working Group meetings
  2. Monitor progress of the implementation of the Strategic Work Plan by:
    1. Conducting monthly Zoom meeting with the whole team
    2. Finalising and updating the Strategic Work Plan
    3. Receiving quarterly updates from working groups
  3. Fulfil the role of secretariat and treasurer. In this regard
    1. CAIPE will continue to provide the secretariat for Interprofessional.Global until March 2019 in the person of Sundari Joseph. AIHC (Barbara Maxwell) is requested to fulfil this role from April 2019.
    2. Partners are requested to consider providing Interprofessional.Global with a bank account / cost point
  4. Liaise with the organising committee of the next ATBH conference
  5. Grow the membership of the organisation
  6. Manage our Google Drive


  • Organised management and administration of the secretariat
  • Improved membership status of INTERPROFESSIONAL.GLOBAL
  • Effective collaboration between Working Groups
Committee Members
(Sep 2018 to Sep 2020)

Chairperson: Johanna Dahlberg
Vice-chairperson: Ruby Grymonpre
Secretariat: Sundari Joseph (until March 2019); Barbara Maxwell (possibly from April 2019)
Treasurer: Stefanus Snyman