QU hosts third interprofessional global partnership symposium

Published in the Gulf-Times, November 18, 2023:

The Global Confederation for Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice concluded the third Interprofessional Global Partnership Symposium, hosted by Qatar University’s (QU) Health.

The event held from November 2-5 was a unique opportunity for global partners to come together, share their knowledge, expertise and learnings, and collectively work towards advancing interprofessional health profession education and collaborative practice. The symposium, brought together 40 representatives from 18 countries affiliated with 11 regional networks around the globe in interprofessional education and healthcare. The delegates had an opportunity to explore ways to enhance collaboration between professions and regions worldwide.

Dr Alla El-Awaisi, director of Clinical Operations and Engagement, Vice President Office for Health and Medical Sciences at QU said: “This symposium not only marks a milestone but also sets the stage for the launch of the Arab Network for Interprofessional Collaboration, a dynamic addition to the Interprofessional.Global Confederation contributing significantly to the global discourse on interprofessional education and practice.”

Dr Champion Nyoni, chair of Interprofessional. Global noted: “The opportunity to meet in person in a consensus-based partnership approach is such an advantage, we appreciate the support of Qatar University to help bring us together to build connections and provide us the ability to meet our objectives for the future.”

The third Interprofessional Global Partnership Symposium heralds a new era of health collaboration, where the focus is on sharing knowledge, driving innovation, transforming the healthcare landscape, and serving as a catalyst for global healthcare improvement.