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InterprofessionalResearch.Global (previously known as GRIN & In-2-Theory or GRIN2Theory) is the Global Research Network in Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Person-Centred Practice (IPE/IPCP) with a Mission to Mobilize, Integrate, and Advance Global Interprofessional Knowledge, Theories and Research in IPE and IPCP.

Our Vision

Evidence-/Value-Informed Interprofessional Collaboration for Global Health with Improved Quality of Care, Reduced Cost & Better Work Experience.


  • Foster and enhance global interprofessional collaborations in education and practice among and between graduate students, faculty/educators, practitioners, organizations, patients/ clients and other knowledge and service users
  • Integrate ‘person-centred and people-first’ practices into IPE and IPCP to advance health and health care
  • Build international capacity for and facilitate theory/value-informed research and evidence-informed policy and practice in IPE/IPCP
  • Advance global innovation in IPE/IPCP
  • Virtual platform for global integrated knowledge translation relevant to IPE/IPCP
  • Stimulate & cultivate graduate students’ theory/value-informed research interests in IPE/IPCP

Plans for next 2 years

  • Developing and Publishing a Position Paper: Global Leadership in IPE/IPCP Theory & Research
  • Developing Communication & Visibility Plan
  • Developing Website, Social Media & Online Presence
  • Conducting a Global Survey (through IPE/IPCP Networks) to Identify:
    • Local, national and international IPE/IPCP Networks, Groups & Offices
    • IPE/IPCP Researchers, Students & Faculty Supervisors along with their Research Topics
    • Representatives for the Network (and its Working Groups)
  • Establishing Strategic Partnership with Stakeholders
  • Developing a Sustainability Plan
  • Identifying Potential Source of Funding (Globally, from Government, Nonprofit, Profit, Research,…)
  • Collaborating with other Working Groups/Networks To Develop & Submit Funding Proposal/s
  • Conducting a Comprehensive Literature Review to identify:
    • Best Practice Guidelines in IPE & IPCP Research;
    • IPE & IPCP Research Priorities (Globally & Regionally);
    • the most relevant Theories and Frameworks applied to IPE & IPCP; and
    • to publish Journal Papers
Contact Person
Working Groups
Research in IPE& IPCP
Andrea L. Pfeifle
Research in IPE& IPCP
Barbara Maxwell
Communication & Public Relationship
Richard Pitt
Communication & Public Relationship
Ciraj Ali Mohammed
Funding & Sustainability
Stefanus Snyman

InterprofessionalResearch.Global Representative

Dr Hossein Khalili (Director, University of Wisconsin Centre of Interprofessional Practice and Education (UW CIPE)
University of Wisconsin- Madison

Dr. Khalili is a recognized scholar and leader in the field of IPE/IPCP, and his program of research includes: 1) Interprofessional Socialization and Dual Professional and Interprofessional Identity development; 2) Interprofessional Policy Analysis; 3) Interprofessional Simulated Clinical Practice; and 4) Patient Engagement. He is the Co-Lead of the InterprofessionalResearch.Global and an Executive Member of the CIHC Board of Directors and a Member of the AIHC-CIHC Liaison Committee.

He has the following responsibilities in Interprofessional.Global:
• Policy Development Working Group Member
• Situational Analysis Working Group Co-Facilitator
• Finance & Funding Working Group Member