Nordic interprofessional network of Europe

The Nordic Interprofessional Network (NIPNET) is a network committed to

  • interprofessional collaboration as a working model in healthcare and health and social services, with the intention to improve quality of care, welfare services and health outcomes
  • interprofessional education as learning models to develop interprofessional collaborative competences among health and social care services.

Network participants are primarily educators, practitioners, leaders, managers, and researchers in the areas of healthcare and social services.  Students are invited to NIPNET conferences.


  • Create partnerships between individuals and organisations in and across borders of the Nordic countries with the intention to develop curricula and practices concerning IPE and IPC.
  • Keep NIPNET an open and living network driven by volunteers supported by their organisations based on trust and partnership.

Plans for next 2 years

  • Organize biennial conferences.
  • Organize webinars in between the conferences.
  • Run the homepage
  • Engage in The Confederation for Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice – Interprofessional. Global
Contact Person


Jette S. Holtzmann, RN, MA, MAAELM

Head of Office at the Centre for Human Resources and Education in The Capital Region of Denmark.

Mrs. Holtzmann has worked with interprofessional education and collaboration for the past 12 years, was co-founder and is at present chair of the Danish Society for Interprofessional Learning and Collaboration. Mrs. Holtzmann has extensive experience as lecturer and author of several articles in relation to interprofessional education and collaboration.

Biennial Report