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    Academic and workforce development
    To support interprofessional development for individuals and regional networks, the Academic and Workforce Development Working Group’s objectives are to: (a) Facilitate activities of scholarship among IP practitioners; (b) Assist IP practitioners in disseminating their scholarly work; (c) Provide details on IP academic/research programmes available globally for personal and professional development; (d) Mentor junior and mid-career faculty in developing research competencies in IPECP; (e) Support the biennial All Together Better Health conferences.

    To increase awareness of IPECP and the visibility of Interprofessional.Global the Communication Working Group are establishing and maintaining a web and social media presence, together with other communication efforts (e.g. newsletters, podcasts, webinars and newsletters) to: (a) Communicate Interprofessional.Global’s vision, mission and objectives; (b) Report on the progress made regarding the implementation of our strategic work plan; (c) Grow membership and collaboration in Working Groups; (d) Promote ATBH conferences and other events; (e) Provide clarity on interprofessional education, collaborative practice and research and its role to address health needs and deliver health for all.

    Legal & Funding
    The Legal & Funding Working Group was established in September 2018 and took responsibility for establishing the confederation as a legal entity. This forms part of a plan to make the confederation sustainable. The working group is also responsible for the budget of Interprofessional.Global and to find grants, sponsorship and donations.

    Policy development
    To inform IPECP policy development the objectives of this Working Group are: (a) To seek representation from each member network to form a horizontal Policy Development Working Group; (b) To develop a briefing note about IPECP that aligns with existing policy statements regarding the health of populations. For example, the statement might include an overarching description of the problem (current state and desired state), definitions, and longitudinal evaluation metrics; (c) To update the WHO Framework of Action on Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice (2010) and the Sydney Interprofessional Declaration (2010).

    Situational Analysis
    In order to provide information on the global status of IPECP the objectives of the Situational Analysis Working Group are: (a) To conduct a global situational analysis by means of a survey through our member networks; (b) To foster close collaboration with Global Interprofessional Research to conduct and encourage IPECP research.