Situational Analysis Working Group


To inform the priorities and actions of Interprofessional.Global, the current situation of IPECP globally needs to be known. Along with the rapid growth and setbacks of IPECP around the globe, the current condition of the IPECP movement has changed a lot since the previous effort to conduct a situational analysis. Therefore, to define the strategy to move forward, a global situational analysis of IPECP implementation will be completed as a high priority. This working group will be responsible for conducting such a situational analysis. Close collaboration with Global Interprofessional Research will be sought to conduct this research and to inform and encourage other research priorities.


In order to provide information on the global status of IPECP the objectives of the Situational Analysis Working Group are

  • To conduct a global situational analysis by means of a survey through our member networks
  • To foster close collaboration with Global Interprofessional Research to conduct and encourage IPECP research.


Stakeholders around the globe will have a clearer perspective of what is the current state of IPECP. will also have a better understanding of how to effectively support regional networks so they can plan for the future. We will have data to help inform funding applications and to present to WHO.


Hossein Khalili
Daniel Kambey