Student Special Interest Group

Vision statement:

Student IPE Societies are  supported by unified interdisciplinary communities to optimise local, national and international health and wellbeing.

Mission statement:

To create platforms for students passionate about healthcare to collaborate, innovate and build healthy communities locally, nationally and internationally.

The World Interdisciplinary Forum for Healthcare


The World Interdisciplinary Forum for Healthcare seeks to improve community health and wellbeing by enhancing communication between students passionate about healthcare. The more students understand how to communicate with others outside of their field, cultures, values, and biases, the more they will understand how to apply their studies to the benefit of individual patients and the collective community. 

WIFH understands that the act of sharing knowledge is an act of recognizing each others value, dignity, and humanity, and that by cultivating engagement between communities, we can build on our different experiences while also recognizing what makes us the same.


Our four pillars are Learning, Advocacy, Research and Engagement. 

  • By identifying shared learning opportunities, students can develop deeper understandings of their roles and responsibilities towards their community’s health needs.
  • Working together, students can improve their advocacy for the communities they serve locally, nationally and internationally.
  • By connecting across disciplines, students can engage in a wide variety of research activities to improve supports and services.
  • By engaging with one another socially, students develop valuable professional networks that they carry with them into their careers. 

Plan for the next 2 years:

The Impact Journal is a collaborative publication designed to showcase qualitative socially accountable interdisciplinary healthcare initiatives from around the globe in a visually appealing and accessible manner. It is designed to provide students, new graduates, and young professionals with innovative new project ideas and materials. While our focus will be on the aforementioned groups, we believe the Impact Journal will have a broad appeal amongst professionals interested in international healthcare initiatives.

In partnership with ECFMG GEMxdevelop a global interdisciplinary exchange network for students through Research exchangeshospital- based electives & observerships, community placements involving projects addressing local community needs.

The mission behind building National Interdisciplinary Forums for Healthcare (NIFHs) is to expand the WIFH network and be able to create a bigger impact by focusing on smaller communities and local needs. There are several successful NIFHs within the World network that are constantly striving to make a change by hosting events for students in participating universities.

Contact Email


Nicholas Conradi (President)

Sonya Ramondino (Vice President, Internal Affairs)

Divya Gautam (Vice President, External Affairs)

Interprofessional.Global Representative

Nicholas Conradi (Medical Doctor)
Nick Conradi is a PhD student at the University of Alberta’s Department of Paediatrics, studying the implementation of a solar powered oxygen delivery system in paediatric wards across rural Uganda. During his medical degree, he founded and grew the Interdisciplinary Forum for Healthcare model from a local student group at the University of Limerick into a national and global intercollegiate model that now engages students from more than 16 countries.

As the World Interdisciplinary Forum for Healthcare’s (WIFH) International President and Student Representative to Interprofessional.Global, Nick is working to bring together students from around the world to engage, learn, research, and advocate together for the betterment of their local, national, and international communities.

Irish Interdisciplinary Forum for Healthcare

Aberdeen IPE Society


The IPE society is a pioneering, award-winning, inter-university society across Aberdeen & Robert Gordon Universities. Inter-professional education is a key outcome emphasized by all regulators of healthcare professions. The IPE society promotes inter-professional learning by facilitating opportunities for health care students to come together in a team based and practical setting.  All events are student lead and structured to address a specific topic with students from each health care profession leading workshops to explore their profession’s role within the scenario.


Vivien Yu 

Nicola Will

Erin Gilmour