Centre for the Advancement of Interprofessional Education

CAIPE established in 1987 is a membership organisation and UK-based charity, to promote health and wellbeing and to improve the health and social care of the public by advancing interprofessional education (IPE).

We are a community committed to collaborative working across health and social care and related services. CAIPE aims to promote and develop interprofessional education, research, learning and practice nationally and globally.

We support: students, academics, practitioners, researchers and people who use services by sharing information and enabling networking opportunities.
Extending CAIPE’s definition we recognise interprofessional education as occasions when members or students of two or more professions learn with, from and about each other to improve collaboration and the quality of care and services. The Journal of Interprofessional Education is the official Journal of CAIPE.


  • promote and develop interprofessional education and learning through the active involvement of all our members
  • collaborate with like-minded individuals and organisations nationally and globally in interprofessional education, research, learning and practice
  • collaborate with national stakeholders, statutory, professional, regulatory bodies and international organisations in the promotion and development of IPE/IPCP
  • act as an independent think tank to improve collaborative practice and thereby the quality of service provision through professions learning and working together
  • be a national and international authoritative voice on IPE/IPCP in both in academia and the workplace

Plans for next 2 years

  • International Liaison Working Group: continue to develop web pages and CAIPE’s global position in IPE/IPCP
  • Corporate Members & Regional Forum Working Group: to continue to increase Corporate Membership, develop web pages and provision of bi-annual CAIPE Regional Forums.
  • Service Users & Carers Working Group: to develop web pages; increase membership and continue service user & carer engagement in CAIPE activities.
  • Student Working Group: to develop web pages; increase membership and continue student engagement in CAIPE activities.
  • Communications & Marketing Working Group: to continue to develop website; develop social media interaction with CAIPE; continue production monthly Newsletter & Twitter Chat; continue to develop marketing material.
  • CAIPE Routledge Publications: continue to explore further publications in the Collaborative Practice series (4 published to date plus one translated in Japanese).
  • Research Working Group: through website development enhance CAIPE’s excellent scholarly reputation;
capture and disseminate CAIPE’s existing interprofessional scholarship activities;
and provide a more prominent role for research and evaluation across the CAIPE membership.
  • Awards Working Group: to continue to explore and develop awards for all membership categories.
  • Consultancy & Workshop Working Group: to review, develop virtual and physical workshops and promote to gain income.
  • Validating IPE/IPCP Working Group: to explore and develop a framework/guidelines for professional, regulatory and Higher Education Institutions to demonstrate achievement of standards of IPE/IPCP.
  • Learning & Teaching Working Group: Exploring Artificial intelligence and machine learning identifying datasets and applying a new algorithm relating to IPE. Developing good IPE cases in low fidelity simulation or in role-playing, with or without movies scenarios, using protocols (or checklist) for both teaching and assessment.
Contact Person
Veronica O’Carroll
Nichola McLarnon
Amira Chaudhry
Emma Beal (Administrator)

Interprofessional.Global Representative

Mr Richard Pitt (Chair)
MPhil BSc (Hons) Dip N (Lond) Cert Ed FET Cert RMN RGN FHEA
Nursing (Adult & Mental Health)
Centre for the Advancement of Interprofessional Education

Richard took early retirement from the University of Nottingham and NMC Registration following a varied and distinctive 41 year career in nursing and higher education.

From 2013 BSc Nursing Course Lead for over 1550 students, leading and coaching 3 deputies in the development, coordination and delivery of the course. Director of Interprofessional Learning for the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, University of Nottingham (UK) from 2008 until his retirement.
CAIPE member since 1997, in June 2014 Vice Chair CAIPE & June 2017 elected Chair. He promotes quality collaborative practice through CAIPE with: PSA; Regulatory; Professional Bodies; HEI’s; Public, National and International organisations; WHO; NHS Bodies- HEE; PHE; NHSE; NHSS.

Experienced in: Leadership; Facilitation of Learning; Group work; Workshops; Interprofessional Education & Learning; Collaborative Practice; Team building & working; Interviewing; Teaching; and Managing meetings. He has attended many national and international conferences presenting on IPE and has a number of publications.

He has the following responsibilities in Interprofessional.Global:

  • Communication Working Group