WHO publishes Global Competency Framework for Universal Health Coverage

The World Health Organization developed and published the Global Competency Framework for University Health Care (UHC).

The goal of this Global Competency Framework for UHC is to guide the standards for education and practice for health workers in primary care so they are fully aligned with efforts to achieve UHC. Competencies are the abilities of health workers to integrate knowledge, skills and attitudes in their practice, demonstrated through behaviours. The competencies specified in this framework, and the behaviours that demonstrate them, are the requisite competencies for quality in UHC.

The Competency Framework included 6 Domains and Behaviours for UHC:

  • Domain I: People-centredness
  • Domain II: Decision-making
  • Domain III: Communication
  • Domain IV: Collaboration
  • Domain V: Evidence-informed practice
  • Domain VI: Personal conduct

Two documents were published, click on title to access:

Global competency framework for universal health coverage

Global Competency and Outcomes Framework for Universal Health Coverage