Cuba holds national meeting on interprofessional health education

On 6 and 7 July 2020, the Ministry of Health of Cuba held the first national meeting on Interprofessional Education (IPE) at the Matanzas Medical University. On that occasion Dr. Natacha Lescaille Elias presented the Action Plan on IPE prepared by the country, with PAHO support, for a more discussion among the participants. The planned activities of IPE in each territory were contextualized by the representatives of the event and there was a rich debate to strengthen the IPE in the National Health System of Cuba.

Twenty-seven specialists from educational institutions participated in the event, including the 12 universities of Medical Sciences of the country, the two Independent Colleges of Medical Sciences, specialists in technical and professional education, as well as directors of the Provincial Departments of Health and Education of the country.

The IPE plan proposed by Cuba focuses on the realization of institutional workshops, socialization spaces at different levels of health care, analysis of plans and programs of study of careers in Medical Sciences with interprofessional approach, student participation in collaborative practice, pedagogical preparation with emphasis on IPE and the development of interprofessional research to solve health problems.

It was agreed by the experts participating in the event, work on the methodological elements for the implementation of IPE in Cuba,  disseminate and promote socialization spaces at different levels of attention and collaboration groups, and select collaborators in health institutions in each territory. It was also proposed as the headquarters of the Methodological Scientific Seminar of IPE in Health, corresponding to the second activity of the second line of action of the IPE plan of the country, the University of Medical Sciences of Guantánamo, and was declared by all the 7 of July 2020 as the “Day of Interprofessional Education in Health in Cuba”.